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Air Cargo


As a leading company in freight forwarding and custom house industry in Thailand, Dynamic air cargo has more than 70 appointed authorized agents from airlines. Our company was established in 1996 and have been providing service ever since. Developed over decades of experiences and professional training, our Dynamic team provides a high level of efficiency and aims to deliver it your way. 

Dynamic air cargo has continuously expanded throughout the years and had launched a brother company “Dynamic Cargo Logistics” in 2003 to serve our growing transportation needs. Furthermore, another brand was founded in 2009 as “Thailand Pet Mover” to transport live animals.  Later on in 2010, “Hello Baggage” was formed for serving unaccompanied Baggage. 

Our company has various memberships with local and international transport associations. Your opinion matters very highly to us and we assure our customer satisfaction with the best serving quality services.

Our Core Values

Deliver it your way.

We serve with passion and provide all solutions to meet our customer’s preference delivery.

On Time


All our services are to be completed within the limited

time of delivery.

Commitment and Responsibility

Fast problem solving is applied when faced with obstacles to ensure success of delivery.

One Stop Service

Customer care is the key. 

We are trained to provide a

complete service for you through just one point of contact with our customer service.

Authorized Agents


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