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Privacy Notice

          Dynamic Air Cargo Co., Ltd is committed to providing quality freight forwarding services in compliance with data security laws and privacy regulations under the Personal Data Protection Act of Thailand (PDPA). The company will collect and manage personal information data in accordance with the privacy policy outlined below.

           By accessing, using, or submitting any information to our websites or any applications, forms, tools present, you consent to the collection and processing of personal data as described in this policy including the use of cookies.

1. Data Collection

1.1 Means of data collection: There are various means that Dynamic Air Cargo Co., Ltd may directly or indirectly collect personal data from our customers during our services which may be as follows

      - Online Platforms: We may collect data directly from our Websites, Tools, Online Forms, Quotes and third-party                     Applications (Facebook, Instagram, Google)

      - Interactions and Communications: We may collect data from the interactions and communications between our                    customers and staff members during our services such as phone, e-mails, communication applications (Line,                      WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger), social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram), biometrics (photo collection) and              physical forms

      - Automatically Collected Data: Data may also be collected automatically for security reasons such as cookies and                analytics from the company and website service provider

1.2 Data Collected: Dynamic Air Cargo Co., Ltd may collect your personal data for the purpose of providing or assisting with our services. The data will be used to help improve the efficiency and customization of our services for each shipment. Data we may collect but are not limited to:

      - Personal Information: Personal Information of our customers such as address and identification details

      - Cargo/Service Information: Details relating to the cargo for the shipment such as commodity type, quantity,                           dimensions, weight, destination details

      - Photo Collection: Photo collection for evidential purposes such as cargo photos, customer photo/biometrics for                       customs purposes

      - Payment Information: financial Information details for payment methods


2. Data Usage and Disclosure

Dynamic Air Cargo Co., Ltd will use the data collected for the purpose of providing or assisting with services and processes connected to freight forwarding practices. Certain data collected may be shared with company affiliates, subsidiaries, partners, third party organisations and governmental agencies. The data shared will strictly follow the company and PDPA guidelines, only necessary information will be shared to conduct activities, legal processes and services provided by the company.

3. Security

Dynamic Air Cargo Co., Ltd will endeavour to help protect the data collected by using a variety of appropriate physical, technical, administrative and organisational measures to reduce the risk of data breaches. For the online payment section, third party payment processing from our affiliate bank will be used with encryption from secure socket layer technology (‘SSL’). The company will strive to use commercially acceptable means of security to protect personal information but we cannot guarantee its absolute security.

4.Data Retention

Dynamic Air Cargo Co., Ltd will collect and retain data only for a time period as long as necessary under the laws and regulations of Thailand. The data retained will only be stored for evidential purposes to comply with applicable legal, tax or regulatory requirements. When we no longer have any legal obligations to store your personal data we will securely erase, anonymise or isolate your data.

5. Contact Us

If you have any queries or concerns regarding our privacy policy please feel free to contact our team via email at or by phone (+66) 26935999

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