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Hello Baggage service provides a comprehensive range of solutions for your baggage, from personal effects, to import/ export clearance, and even packing! With our professional network service as a member of World Baggage Network (WBN), we offer worldwide delivery destinations. 


Students! ANYONE moving to study abroad? We know there is a lot to prepare, so your weight is likely to exceed the Airline's limit. 

Our service allows you to plan ahead and have your belongings sent to your accommodation just in time for your arrival to save you from all the hassle!

Travelling to study as a group of friends? That's even better because special rates apply for larger  volume/weight combinations.


Travellers, are you enjoying your time a lot more than you thought? We know it's so easy to end up with too many things because you thought you could pack it all. 

Or are you travelling for a long time? We know it's hard to pack and take them all with you at once.

Let us help you with your additional and/ over overweight belongings. We can send them to wherever you need ANYTIME!


Families, are you relocating across the world? We know there is so much more that makes a home than just where you live.

So let us help you take all your precious things with you ANYWHERE you are planning to settle down.


Moving as a part of your corporation? We can help you save on cost when you plan with fellow employees, as special rates apply for larger groups. 

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